Travel Information

Planning and Arrival (updated) - important information is available in this downloadable file


Meet and Greet
11 IKC intends on providing a meet and greet service at Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, including bus transfer to the Walmont and Metcourt Hotels, on Saturday 9 September, Saturday 16 September and Sunday 17 September 2017. Please look for the the 11 IKC signage. 

Arrival outside of the complimentary 11 IKC Meet and Greet
Should you arrive outside of the complimentary 11 IKC Meet and Greet, please refer to the below instructions on how to book your airport transfer.

 Given that there is no standard taxi stand at the Gaborone airport, all travellers are best advised not to take any personal taxi offerings.We suggest booking an airport pick up from Rosewell Chauffeurs who  have a desk in the Walmont foyer and can be contacted through their website: and the Airport transfer fee is P200.00 (approximately $20 USD) 

Airline Discounts
The 11 IKC Organising Committee has negotiated preferential airfares on the Star Alliance™ network of carriers for travel between 01 September and 07 October 2017. Details can be found here.

Getting There and Visas
Unless you are travelling from one of Botswana’s neighboring countries by car, most visitors will likely arrive at Gaborone’s Sir Seretse Khama International Airport. Most flights to and from Gaborone go through Johannesburg. South Africa has changed visa requirements recently, and you need to find out if you are holding a passport for which South Africa requires a regular visa (if you participate in a South Africa field trip) or a transit visa if your connecting flight to Gaborone is for a South African airport. The process to obtain a visa for South Africa can be very long for some countries, in particular, for Russia, China, India and Brazil. 

There is also a bus service from Johannesburg airport to Gaborone provided by Flight Connect

Visa requirements for Botswana can be found on the pertinent government homepage and are available through the Botswana embassy (or South African embassy) in your country. 

It is the sole responsibility of each registrant to obtain all necessary travel documentation required to participate in the conference as well as any of the field trips they are registered for. The 11 IKC is not responsible for any costs or inconvenience incurred should the delegate not be permitted entry to, or depart from Botswana or any of the countries or properties visited as part of the conference field trips.

An invitation letter for your visa application will be provided upon request by the 11 IKC Conference Secretariat. The Walmont and Metcourt Hotels, adjacent to the Gaborone International Convention Centre, offer a free airport shuttle service. 

Botswana Tourism Development Levy Effective 01 June 2016 (NEW INFORMATION) 

Please note we have been advised of a new obligatory Tourism Development Levy (TDL) that was introduced by the Ministry of Environment Natural Resources’ Conservation and Tourism through the Botswana Tourism Organisation. 
The objective of the levy is to raise funds for conservation and national tourism development in order to support the growth of the industry and broaden the tourism base, resultantly improving the lives of the people of Botswana.  All visitors to Botswana, with the exception of residents and citizens of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) member states are eligible to pay the levy.  
The levy charge will come into effect on the 1st of June 2017. Payments are collected at all ports of entry including airports and border posts and in cash (US Dollars). After the payment, a unique receipt corresponding to the passport will be generated. The receipt should then be presented to Immigration Officials. The passport and the receipt will be stamped and handed back to the traveller. The receipt will be valid for a 30 day period and can be used for multiple entry.  
The cost of the levy is USD 30.00 per person
For more information, please visit  


Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, Gaborone 


An official letter of invitation will be sent, upon request, by the 11IKC Conference Secretariat. The letter will not constitute any legal obligation for 11 IKC or its Organising Committee to cover travel, accommodation, or other expenses such as registration fees associated with participation in 11 IKC. 


Botswana’s unit of currency is the Pula (meaning rain or wealth), which is divided into 100 Thebe (meaning shield). Visitors are typically able to draw money from ATM machines (at banks, shopping malls and all major hotels, including the Walmont Hotel nearby the GICC) with your bank card from home. All major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club) are accepted widely. Exchange bureaus exist at all major border posts including the airport, and in shopping malls (requiring a passport).


Botswana in general has many of the health risks associated with sub-tropical climates and southern Africa. Travelers may require vaccinations. We recommended you visit a travel clinic for a consultation ahead of visiting. Gaborone is typically considered to be malaria-free, with only the north and northeast of the Botswana requiring anti-malarial medication. Gaborone has two private hospitals (Gaborone Private Hospital and the new Bokomoso Private Hospital) that have advanced equipment and specialist doctors. 

Click here for more health information on Botswana and here for more information on Malaria in Botswana.

Electricity, Water and Communications

Botswana has 220 Volts power, with wall plugs having either square pins (British model) or round pins (South African model) and you will most likely need an adapter for your electric or electronic devices. Temporary cuts of the public water supply and power supply (load shedding) do occasionally occur, however the conference center and most hotels have diesel generators and their own water tanks to account for this. Internet access through WIFI is commonly available at hotels including the Walmont and Metcourt Hotels, and for smart phones by buying a local SIM card and a data bundle from one of the three main providers. Mobile internet for your laptop requires an internet stick with a SIM card and data bundle.

Please click here for further information on Botswana.