Poster Technical Programme
Time Abstract  Title Presenter Affiliation Country
THEME: 1. Emplacement and Economic Geology of Kimberlites and Related Magmas
P1-01 4593  Kimberlite fields of Angola: structural control and diamond presence Victor Ustinov ALROSA Russian Federation
P1-02 4440  Catoca kimberlite pipe: Diatreme/crater transition and dynamics of the crater sedimentation Vladimir Pervov Sociedade Mineira de Catoca Angola
P1-03 4674  Geology of KX36 Kimberlite, Central Botswana Sebanka Lobatlamang Petra Diamonds Botswana
P1-04 4503  Petrography and geochronology of the Nxau Nxau kimberlites, north-west Botswana Henrietta Farr University of Melbourne Australia
P1-05 4617  The emplacement of Voorspoed pipe, South Africa: a tale of incremental pipe growth, tephra jets,
 mixing, and a shallow crater
Alexandrina Fulop De Beers Group Canada
P1-06 4661  Letšeng Diamond Mine, Lesotho: Recent Advances in Open Pit Geology of the Main Kimberlite Pipe Mohapi Mohapi Letšeng Diamonds Lesotho
P1-07 4685  Letšeng Diamond Mine, Lesotho: Recent Advances in Open Pit Geology of the Satellite Kimberlite
Teboho Nkotsi Letšeng Diamonds Lesotho
P1-08 4458  The Liqhobong kimberlite cluster: a perspective on the distinct geology, emplacement, dilution and
 diamond grades for each intrusion
Mafusi Rapopo Liqhobong Mining Development Lesotho
P1-09 4445  The geology of the Liqhobong Main Pipe kimberlite Mafusi Rapopo Liqhobong Mining Development Lesotho
P1-10 4643  The geology and evaluation of the Kelvin kimberlite pipe, NWT, Canada Martina Bezzola Aurora Geosciences Canada
P1-11 4613  The Geology of the Faraday 1 Kimberlite, NWT, Canada Lindsay Nelson Aurora Geosciences Canada
P1-12 4678  The Geology of the Faraday 2 Kimberlite, NWT, Canada Lindsay Nelson Aurora Geosciences Canada
P1-13 4586  The geology of the Faraday 3 kimberlite, Kennady Lake, NWT Daniel Gainer Aurora Geosciences Canada
P1-14 4547  The Renard 2 Coherent Kimberlite Units, Québec, Canada – Spatial Distribution and Economic
Isabelle Lepine Stornoway Diamond Canada
P1-15 4637  Geology of the K6-252 Kimberlite Complex, Alberta Tom McCandless Canterra Minerals Canada
P1-16 4521  A tale of three lamproites, their diamonds and settings – Bunder, Majhgawan and Argyle Christopher Smith University of Bristol United Kingdom
P1-17 4480  A Comparison of Geochronology Methods Applied to Kimberlites and Related Rocks from the
 Karelian Craton, Finland
David Phillips University of Melbourne Australia
P1-18 4633  A mantle metasomatic injection event linked to Permo-Carboniferous lamprophyre magmatism and
 associated rare metal ore deposition (Sn-W-Mo-Sc-In-Li, Ag(-Au)-In-base metal) in the eastern
 European Variscides
Thomas Seifert TU Bergakademie Freiberg Germany
P1-19 4648  Lamprophyres, F-Sn-rhyolites and -explosive breccia pipes and their relationship to Sn-polymetallic
 mineralization in the Muehlleithen-Gottesberg district (Germany) - indications for late-Variscan
 mantle-derived rare metal-enriched fluid pulses
Thomas Seifert TU Bergakademie Freiberg Germany
P1-20 4653  Magmaclasts in kimberlite Kimberley Webb Mineral Services Canada Canada
P1-21 4624  Ilmenite as a recorder of the kimberlite history from mantle to surface: examples from Indian
Jingyao Xu Universitat de Barcelona Spain
P1-22 4629  Styles of alteration of Ti oxydes of the kimberlite groundmass: implications on the petrogenesis
 and classification of kimberlites and similar rocks
Joan Carles Melgarejo Draper Universitat de Barcelona Spain
P1-23 4519  Features of apatite in kimberlites from Ekati Diamond Mine and Snap Lake, Northwest Territories,
 Canada: modelling of kimberlite composition
Rachel Milligan Dalhousie University Canada
P1-24 4528  Geology of the Snap Lake kimberlite dyke, Northwest Territories, Canada, and its metasomatic
 interaction with granite
Alexandrina Fulop De Beers Group Canada
P1-25 4472  Conodont Geothermometry in Pyroclastic Kimberlite: Constraints on emplacement temperatures
 and cooling histories
Jennifer Pell Peregrine Diamonds Canada
P1-26 4551  Kimberlitic olivine attrition: Fingerprinting environments and timescales Thomas Jones Durham University United Kingdom
P1-27 4540  Continuity of Kimberley-type pyroclastic kimberlite phases within Renard 2 over 1,000 m depth – Insights to  the geological and emplacement model, Superior Craton, Canada Volodymyr Zhuk Stornoway Diamond Canada
THEME: 2. The Diamond Substrate - Petrology and Geochemistry of Earth's Mantle
P2-01 4448  Redox state of Archean kyanite/corundum eclogites and garnet pyroxenites from Bellsbank, South
Heidemarie Eva Hoefer Goethe University Frankfurt Germany
P2-02 4670  Oxidation of lithospheric mantle beneath Tanzania by melt reaction Shao-Bing Zhang University Science and Tech. China China
P2-03 4541  Oxygen fugacity as a control on the distribution of diamond in the sub-cratonic lithospheric mantle Patrick Goodarzi Australian National University Australia
P2-04 4504  Tracing mantle metasomatism using combined stable (S, O, N) and radiogenic (Sr, Nd, Hf, Pb)
  isotope geochemistry: case studies from mantle xenoliths of the Kimberley kimberlites
Andrea Giuliani University of Melbourne Netherlands
P2-05 4482  Multiple metasomatic events recorded in MARID xenoliths Angus Fitzpayne University of Melbourne Australia
P2-06 4500  Discrete Ti-Al±Ca metasomatism at ~53 kbar in chromite-garnet peridotites from Newlands
 kimberlite, South Africa
Hermanus Grutter Peregrine Diamonds Canada
P2-07 4585  Tracing Mg-rich fluids by Mg-O isotopes at slab-mantle interface in continental subduction zones:
 insights from the Mg-metasomatic rocks in both Western and Eastern Alps
Chen Yi-Xiang University of Science and Technology China China
P2-08 4606  Carbonate inclusions in Cr-pyropes derived from the mantle beneath Central Aldan superterrane of
 Siberian craton
Igor Sharygin Sobolev Inst. of Geol. and Mineral Russian Federation
P2-09 4609  Interstitial mineral assemblages in sheared garnet peridotites from Udachnaya-East kimberlite
 pipe, Siberian craton
Igor Sharygin Sobolev Inst. of Geol. and Mineral Russian Federation
P2-10 4599  Multiphase solid inclusions in UHP eclogite from the Dabie orogen: constratints on anatectic melts
 during continental collision
Xiao-Ying Gao Univ. Science and Tech. China China
P2-11 4486  Mantle Composition, Age, and Geotherm beneath the Darby Kimberlite field, West Central Rae
Garrett Harris University of Alberta Canada
P2-12 4526  The mantle of Scotland viewed through the Glen Gollaidh aillikite Mark Hutchison Trigon GeoServices Greenland
P2-13 4584  Age and evolution of the lithospheric mantle beneath southern Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada Jingao Liu University of Alberta China
P2-14 4578  Peridotite xenoliths of the Chidliak kimberlite province (NE Canada): The North Atlantic cratonic
 mantle with recent thermal and Ti-Na metasomatic disturbance
Maya Kopylova University of British Columbia Canada
P2-15 4549  Hydration of the lithospheric mantle in the northern Slave craton (Canada): constraints from
 combined FTIR and EBSD measurements on peridotite xenoliths
Maya Kopylova University of British Columbia Canada
P2-16 4546  Origin of upper mantle eclogites from the Catoca pipe (N.-E. Angola) Nester Korolev University of British Columbia Canada
P2-17 4505  Petrogenetic evidence and FTIR constraints on the origin of diamonds in xenoliths from Yubileynaya
 and Komsomolskaya pipes, Yakutia
Spetsius  Zdislav ALROSA Russian Federation
P2-18 4516  Oxygen isotopes of garnets in diamondiferous eclogites from the Udachnaya pipe, Yakutia:
 Evidence for their origin
Spetsius Zdislav ALROSA Russian Federation
P2-19 4473  Chalcophile elements in the mantle Allison Greaney Univ. of California Santa Barbara United States
P2-20 4619  First identification of molybdenite in diamond-hosted sulphide inclusions and possible
 implications for Re-Os dating of diamonds
Lotta Kemppinen University of Bristol United Kingdom
P2-21 4652  Sulphide inclusions in sublithospheric diamonds Lotta Kemppinen University of Bristol United Kingdom
P2-22 4591  The Role of Sulphur During Partial Melting of Eclogite in the Cratonic Mantle: Constraints from
 Experiments and Xenoliths
Sara Burness University of the Witwatersrand South Africa
P2-23 4525  The nitrogen budget of subducted crust Antony Burnham Australian National University Australia
P2-24 4634  Sodium-bearing phases in the transition zone and uppermost lower mantle: Experimental and
 natural data
Andrey V. Bobrov Moscow State University Russian Federation
P2-25 4571  Ages and sources of mantle eclogites: ID-TIMS U-Pb-Sr isotope systematics of clinopyroxene Larry Heaman University of Alberta Germany
P2-26 4575  Tracking continental-scale modification of the Earth’s mantle using zircon megacrysts Jon Woodhead University of Melbourne Australia
P2-27 4967  Ocean–Continent Transition to Suprasubduction Zone Origin of the Western Yarlung Zangbo
 Ophiolites in Southwest Tibet, China: Constraints from the Petrology, Mineralogy, and
 Geochemistry of the Peridotites
Fei Liu Chinese Academny of Geological Sciences China
THEME: 3. Geology and Gemmology of Diamond
P3-01 4452  Relation between micro- and macro-diamonds: Myth, myopia or both? Stephen Haggerty Florida Int. University United States
P3-02 4891  Can microdiamonds be used to predict the distribution of large Type IIa macrodiamonds? A case
 study at the Letseng Mine
Anetta Banas APEX Geoscience Canada
P3-03 4536  Yellow and white diamonds from Qilalugaq kimberlites: Two generations of diamond growth Anetta Banas APEX Geoscience Canada
P3-04 4465  Formation of unusual yellow Orapa diamonds Suzette Timmerman Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Australia
P3-05 4457  DiaMap: New applications for processing IR spectra of fluid-rich diamonds and mapping diamonds
 containing isolated nitrogen (Type Ib) and boron (Type IIb)
Daniel Howell University of Padova Netherlands
P3-06 4611  The 812-Carat Pure Type IaB Constellation Diamond from Karowe – Part of an Even Larger Rough? Ulrika D'Haenens-Johansson Gemological Institute of America United States
P3-07 4494  IaB diamond and its geological implications Tingting Gu Gemological Institute of America United States
P3-08 4642  Diamond ages: what they mean and how they can be interpreted  Steven Shirey Carnegie Inst. of Washington United States
P3-09 4573  Re-Os isotope systematics of sulphide inclusions in diamonds from Victor (Superior craton)
 document mobilisation of volatiles and Os during Rodinia break-up
Sonja Aulbach Goethe University Frankfurt Germany
P3-10 4509  Variation in diamond growth events recorded in Botswanan diamonds Michael Gress Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Netherlands
P3-11 4510  Genesis of diamond inclusions: An integrated cathodoluminescence (CL) and Electron backscatter
 defraction (EBSD) study on eclogitic and peridotitic inclusions and their diamond host
Gareth Davies  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Netherlands
P3-12 4523  Natural diamond growth conditions recorded by their internal structures Galina Bulanova University of Bristol United Kingdom
P3-13 4622  The chemical and isotopic composition of Diavik fibrous diamonds and their microinclusions. Oded Navon Hebrew University Israel
P3-14 4577  Trace elements in Gem-Quality Diamonds from De Beers’ Victor Mine, Ontario, Canada Graham Pearson University of Alberta Canada
P3-15 4534  A new look at diamonds from the Koffiefontein Mine Nicole Meyer University of Alberta Canada
P3-16 4460  Ages of mantle metasomatism from U-Th-He systematics of diamond-forming C-O-H fluids Yaakov Weiss Lamont-Doherty Earth Observ United States
P3-17 4461  Thermo-chemical conditions of Mesozoic metasomatism at the southwestern Kaapvaal SCLM Yaakov Weiss Lamont-Doherty Earth Observ United States
P3-18 4614  Microinclusions in diamonds from deposits of different genetic kimberlite types Galina Kriulina Lomonosov Moscow State University  Russian Federation
P3-19 4583  Diamond surface features and metasomatic processes in subcratonic mantle Yana Fedortchouk Dalhousie University Canada
P3-20 4548  Depth of formation of super-deep diamonds Chiara Anzolini University of Padova Italy
P3-21 4506  Impact−Cosmic−Metasomatic Origin of Microdiamonds from Kumdy−Kol Deposit, Kokchetav Massiv,
 N. Kazakhstan
Lioudmila Tretiakova Russian Mineralogical Society Russian Federation
P3-22 4507  History of Natural Diamond Formation Based on Defect Characteristics Detected by Spectroscopic  
Lioudmila Tretiakova Russian Mineralogical Society Russian Federation
THEME: 4. The Origin and Evolution of Kimberlites and Related Magmas
P4-01 4579  The mineral chemistry the megacryst suite from the Schuller and Premier kimberlites. Deon De Bruin Diamond Indicator Minerals Australia
P4-02 4702  Geochemical and Petrographical study of Megacrysts and Mantle Xenoliths from Gemsbok Hollow
 and Gruendorn Kimberlites in the Warmbad Kimberlite Province, South Africa.
Walter de Klerk Nelson Mandela Metro. Univ. South Africa
P4-03 4566  Tracing Lithosphere Melt Compositions using Polymict Peridotites Ben Harte University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
P4-04 4588  Complex zoning of olivine in archetypal kimberlites provides new insights into the evolution of
 kimberlite magmas
Yin Cheen Emilie Lim Chou Sang University of Melbourne Australia
P4-05 4971  Mg-metasomatized Fe-rich dunites from the Thaba Putsoa kimberlite, Lesotho: Headstones in a
 kimberlite graveyard
Daniel Schulze University of Toronto Canada
P4-06 4616  Formation of dunite xenoliths in kimberlites and ailikites; petrographic and mineral compositions
 from a deformed xenolith in the Majuagaa kimberlite dike, Greenland
Nicholas Arndt University Grenoble Alpes France
P4-07 4491  Apatite from the Kimberley Kimberlites (South Africa): Petrography and Mineral Chemistry Ashton Soltys  University of Melbourne Australia
P4-08 4490  Primitive melt composition of the Bultfontein Kimberlite (South Africa) Ashton Soltys University of Melbourne Australia
P4-09 4478  Evolution of Calcite-Bearing Kimberlites by Melt-Rock Reaction – Evidence from Polymineralic
 Inclusions within Clinopyroxene and Garnet Megacrysts from Lac de Gras Kimberlites, Canada
Yannick Bussweiler University of Alberta Canada
P4-10 4470  New insights into volatile-rich mantle metasomatism at the Bultfontein diamond mine, Kimberley,
 South Africa
Charlotte Jackson University of Cambridge United Kingdom
P4-11 4675  Geochemical evidence for carbonated metasomatite as the mantle source of Cenozoic alkali basalts
 in western Qinling, China
Li-Qun Dai Univ. Science and Tech. China China
P4-12 4535  Discovery of an orangeite magmatic event in the central Kalahari: Implications for the origin of
 southern African kimberlites
Sebastian Tappe University of Johannesburg South Africa
P4-13 4446  The Petrology and Mineralogy of the Kimberlite Blow in Letšengla-Terae: Implication for its Parental Magma Composition Natalia Stamm ETH Zurich Switzerland
P4-14 4625  Magma mingling at the Menominee pipe, USA? Contributions from texture and mineral chemistry Jingyao Xu Universitat de Barcelona Spain
P4-15 4459  Geochronology and mantle source characteristics of kimberlites and related rocks from the Rae
 Craton, Melville Peninsula, Nunavut, Canada
Chiranjeeb Sarkar University of Alberta Canada
P4-16 4497  Geochemistry of Mirny Field Kimberlites, Siberia Alexey Agashev Sobolev Inst. of Geol. and Mineral Russian Federation
P4-17 4636  Geochemistry of the Namaqualand, Bushmanland and Warmbad melilitite and kimberlite provinces
 of South Africa and Namibia: the southern extension of the African kimberlitic megalineament
Philip Janney University of Cape Town South Africa
P4-18 4476  Ultramafic lamprophyre from the Wajrakarur kimberlite field of Southern India and its petrogenetic
Ashish Dongare Pune University India
P4-19 4539  Inclusions in perovskite-magnetite-silicate rocks from Afrikanda, Russia: Clues to the early history
 of carbonatites?
Naomi Potter  University of Tasmania Australia
P4-20 4469  The Walgidee Hills zoned lamproite intrusion, West Kimberley Province, Western Australia Lynton Jaques  Australian National University Australia
P4-21 4499  Mineralogy of the baotite-bearing Gundrapalli lamproite, Nalgonda district, Telangana, India Gurmeet  Kaur Panjab University India
P4-22 4451  Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Petrogenesis of Paleoproterozoic Alkaline Magmas in the Yilgarn
 Craton, Western Australia
Eunjoo Choi  University of Western Australia Australia
P4-23 4492  Significance of halogens (F, Cl) in kimberlite melts: Insights from mineralogy and melt inclusions in
 the Roger pipe (Ekati, Canada)
Adam Abersteiner  University of Tasmania Australia
P4-24 4464  Monticellite in Group-I kimberlites: Implications for evolution of parental melts and post-
 emplacement CO2 degassing
Adam Abersteiner University of Tasmania Australia
P4-25 4604  Main Mineralogical-Petrological Features of Early-hercynian Volcanic Complexes of Archangelsk
 Kimberlite-picrite Region, NW Russia
Vladimir Tretyachenko ALROSA Russian Federation
P4-26 4587  Barium and titanium enrichment of zoned phlogopite xenocrysts and phenocrysts in the Adamantin
 kimberlites, Québec, Canada.
Colleen Laroulandie Stornoway Diamond Canada
P4-27 4574  Co-magmatic sulfides and sulfates in the Udachnaya-East pipe (Siberia) : sulfur speciation and
 isotopic composition in kimberlites and their mantle sources
Yumi Kitayama CRPG-CNRS Nancy France
THEME: 5. Diamond Deposits - Exploration and Mining
P5-01 4553  Potential for Offsetting Diamond Mine Carbon Emissions through Mineral Carbonation of Processed
Evelyn Mervine De Beers Group South Africa
P5-02 4561  Relationships between the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) round aperture Diamond Sieve (DS)
Paddy PJ Lawless Padddy Lawless & Assoc. South Africa
P5-03 4680  Density Measurement, within the context of the Rock Mass Characterization Program of the Kelvin
 and Faraday Kimberlites and surrounding Country Rock, in the Northwest Territories of Canada
Anton Bloem SRK Consulting Canada
P5-04 4682  Underground Diamond Mining at Ekati and Diavik Diamond Mines Jarek Jakubec SRK Consulting Canada
P5-05 4568  Building a Geometallurgical Model for Orapa Mine, Botswana Oupa Gilika  Debswana Botswana
P5-06 4595  Deep Delineation Evaluation Drilling Methods, Jwaneng Mine, Botswana Todd Mckinlay Debswana Botswana
P5-07 4454  Innovative Kimberlite Dike Mining Technologies Stefan Schwank BAUER Maschinen South Africa
P5-08 4495  The Nxaunxau kimberlites of northwest Botswana Rakutuka Hiyoveni Tsodilo Resources Canada
P5-09 4498  3-D Geological Model of the BK16 kimberlite pipe located within the Orapa Kimberlite Field (OKF)
 in Botswana
Alistair Jeffcoate Tsodilo Resources Botswana
P5-10 4545  3D geological modelling of the Renard 2 pipe, Québec, Canada: from exploration to extraction Isabelle Lepine Stornoway Diamond Canada
P5-11 4557  Applied Geological Techniques for the Evaluation of Kimberlitic Tailings Mineral Resources: the
 case of Orapa and Letlhakane mines, Botswana
Strenght Mkonto Debswana Botswana
P5-12 4615  Forecast diamond quality in the deposit Galina Kriulina Lomonosov Moscow State University Russian Federation
P5-13 4650  New surprises at old discoveries: Exploration and Sampling of the AK11
 Kimberlite, Orapa Kimberlite Field, Botswana
George Pybus Lucara Diamond Canada
P5-14 4651  Exploration and Sampling of the BK02 Kimberlite, Orapa Kimberlite Field, Botswana George Pybus Lucara Diamond Canada
P5-15 4605  Zarya diamond deposit, Yakutian Province, Russia Konstantin Garanin ALROSA Russian Federation
P5-16 4475  A tale of two pipes: Using whole rock geochemistry to see through alteration and contamination at
 the CH-6 & CH-7 kimberlites, Chidliak kimberlite province, Baffin Island, Nunavut.
Jennifer Pell Peregrine Diamonds Canada
P5-17 4512  Microbial response to the presence of buried kimberlite pipes in the Attawapiskat region, northern
 Ontario; Bacteria-kimberlite interactions
Gordon Southam University of Queensland Australia
P5-18 4556  Models of reflection of kimberlite pipes of North-East of Botswana in eolian haloes of dispersion Victor Ustinov ALROSA Russian Federation
P5-19 4592  Kimberlite intrusions, kimberlitic ash dispersal, diamond transport and diamond deposition: The
 potential role of Earth Systems Modelling in diamond exploration
Kim Lamb CGG Geoconsulting United Kingdom
P5-20 4639  Discrimination of Whiskey kimberlite eruptive phases utilizing  portable XRF spectrometry data Bruce Kjarsgaard Geological Survey of Canada Canada
P5-21 4601  The relationship among various morphological types of diamonds within diamond deposits in
 Russia: genesis, growth, dissolution and real diamond grade
Viktor Garanin Fersman Mineralogical Museum Russian Federation
P5-22 4628  Ilmenite generations in orangeite from Banankoro, Guinea: implications for exploration Joan Carles Melgarejo Draper Universitat de Barcelona Spain
P5-23 4517  Ontario’s Newest Kimberlite Cluster – The Pagwachuan Cluster John Delgaty De Beers Group Canada
P5-24 4600  Diamond-Bearing in the North of European Russia and Prospects of New Diamond Deposits
Vladimir Shchukin Proex Service Russian Federation
P5-25 4882  Petrology of the White River Diamondiferous Paleoproterozoic Intrusive Rocks Curtis Brett Rio Tinto Canada
P5-26 4484  Diamond exploration and prospectivity of Western Australia Mark Hutchison Government of W. Australia Greenland
P5-27 4638  Revitalizing exploration in a key diamond district: A case study in the Northwest Territories, Canada Scott Cairns Northwest Territories Geological Survey Canada
THEME: 6. The Structure of Cratons
P6-01 4649  Sound velocity of carbonate melts under high pressure and temperature conditions and the origin
 of mid-lithosphere discontinuity
Kenji Mibe Earthquake Research Institute Japan
P6-02 4563  Metasomatic evolution of the SCLM beneath the Lunda Norte province (NE Angola) Montgarri Castillo Oliver Macquarie University Australia
P6-03 4570  Geochemistry of Peridotitic Clinopyroxene from the Diamondiferous Mbuji-Mayi and Tshibwe
 Kimberlites (DRC): Insight into the Compositional and Thermal State of the SCLM beneath the
 Eastern Kasai Craton
Buliba Nkere University of Cape Town South Africa
P6-04 4641  Eclogites and garnet pyroxenites from Kimberley, W. Kaapvaal craton, South Africa: severe
 metasomatism of basaltic cumulates
Qiao Shu University of Alberta Canada
P6-05 4567  The Petrology of the Kaapvaal Craton Mantle Lithosphere – a synopsis based on Xenolith Field
Ben Harte University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
P6-06 4673  New and revised Crustal and Upper mantle terraine boundaries in Southern Africa: Implications for
 kimberlite exploration and emplacement
David Khoza Spectrem Air South Africa