Oral Technical Programme
Monday, September 18, 2017
Time Abstract  Title Presenter Affiliation Country
8:30 4918   OPENING KEYNOTE: Celebrating 50 Years of Diamonds in Botswana
Prospecting History Leading to the Discovery of Botswana’s Diamond Mines: From Artifacts to Lesedi La Rona
Michiel de Wit Tsodilo Resources Botswana
THEME: 1. Emplacement and Economic Geology of Kimberlites and Related Magmas
9:00 4914
 Kimberlites - from Mantle to Mine
Barbara Scott Smith Scott-Smith Petrology Canada
9:30 4597  Evolution of the Orapa A/K1 Geology Model – Insights from Analysis of Multi-Disciplinary Datasets Kganetso Maphane Debswana Botswana
9:50 4558  Varied emplacement within adjacent kimberlite vents, Jwaneng Mine, Botswana Major Mmualefe  Debswana Botswana
10:10 4688  Letšeng Diamond Mine, Lesotho: A Variant of Kimberley-type Pyroclastic Kimberlite Emplacement Casey Hetman SRK Consulting Canada
11:00 4589  Kelvin and Faraday Kimberlite Emplacement Geometries and Implications for Subterranean Magmatic Processes Wayne Barnett SRK Consulting Canada
11:20 4565  The principal role of silicic crustal xenolith assimilation in the formation of Kimberley-type pyroclastic kimberlites –
 a petrographic study of the Renard 65 kimberlite pipe, Quebec, Canada
Matthew Gaudet University of British Columbia Canada
11:40 4572  Mineralogy of Kimberley-type Pyroclastic Kimberlite and the Transition to Hypabyssal Kimberlite Roger Mitchell Lakehead University Canada
12:00 4582  Three styles of diamond resorption in a single kimberlite: Does crustal xenolith assimilation play a role? Yana Fedortchouk Dalhousie University Canada
12:20 4522  Kimberlite emplacement and mantle sampling through time at A154N kimberlite volcano, Diavik Diamond Mine Stephen Moss Mineral Services Canada Canada
14:10 4483  New insights into volcanic processes and diamond grades from deep mining at Argyle Murray Rayner Argyle Diamonds Australia
14:30 4550  Experimental milling of olivine: Implications for ascent and eruption of kimberlite Thomas Jones Durham University United Kingdom
14:40 4626  Transport and eruption of mantle xenoliths: A lagging problem Kelly Russell University of British Columbia Canada
THEME: 2. The Diamond Substrate - Petrology and Geochemistry of Earth's Mantle
15:10 4538  Super-reducing conditions in ancient and modern volcanic systems: implications for the carbon budget of the deep
William Griffin Macquarie University Australia
15:30 4537  Geodynamic and geophysical consequences of stealth(y) mantle metasomatism: craton evolution and metallogeny Suzanne O'Reilly Macquarie University Australia
Tuesday, September 19, 2017
THEME: 2. The Diamond Substrate - Petrology and Geochemistry of Earth's Mantle
8:30 4915  KEYNOTE:
 The birth, growth and ageing of the Kaapvaal subcratonic mantle
Gerhard Brey Goethe University Frankfurt Germany
9:00 4489  Age of the Lithospheric Mantle Beneath the Karowe Diamond Mine Matthew Wudrick University of Alberta Canada
9:20 4640  Metasomatism of Cratonic Lithosphere by Hydrous, Silica-rich, Fluids Derived from Recycled Sediment:
 Experimental Insights at 5-7 GPa
Robert Rapp Australian National University Australia
9:40 4481  New constraints on the origins of MARID and PIC rocks based on mineral and bulk-rock geochemical data:
 Implications for mantle metasomatism and alkaline magmatism
Angus Fitzpayne University of Melbourne Australia
10:00 4683  Stability of Fe3+ bearing majorite in the Earth's mantle Yingwei Fei Carnegie Inst. of Washington United States
10:50 4488  Oxidation state of majoritic inclusions in diamond Kate Kiseeva University of Oxford United Kingdom
11:10 4463  Multiple phases of mantle metasomatism revealed by X-ray CT scanning of Southern African diamondiferous
John Gurney  University of Cape Town South Africa
11:30 4471  Melting of hydrous-carbonated eclogite at 4–6 GPa and 900-1200°C: implications for the sources of diamond-forming
Oded Elazar Hebrew University Israel
11:50 4456  Origin of coarse-granular and equigranular eclogites from V. Grib kimberlite pipe, Arkhangelsk region, NW Russia Elena Shchukina Sobolev Inst. of Geol. and Mineral. Russian Federation
12:10 4496  Geochemistry of Eclogite Xenoliths from Kimberlite Pipe Udachnaya: Section of Archean Oceanic crust sampled? Alexey Agashev Sobolev Inst. of Geol. and Mineral. Russian Federation
12:30 4466  Relation between fluid end-members and noble gases in South African diamonds Suzette Timmerman Australian National University Australia
14:20 4532  Diamond brecciation and annealing accompanying major metasomatism in eclogite xenoliths from the Sask Craton,
Janina Czas University of Alberta Canada
THEME: 3. Geology and Gemmology of Diamond
14:40 4544  Mineral inclusions in diamonds from Karowe Mine, Botswana: examining the mantle sources of a diamond
 population containing exceptionally large crystals.
Theetso Motsamai University of Alberta Canada
15:00 4560  Neoproterozoic Zimmi diamond formation through infiltration of recycled methane into sulphide-bearing Archaean
Karen Smit Gemological Institute of America United States
15:20 4453  The Victor Diamond Mine (Superior Craton, Canada) - A new paradigm for exploration in unconventional settings Thomas Stachel University of Alberta Canada
15:40 4450  Stable Isotope Data and FTIR Analyses of Diamonds from Orapa Mine: A Clear Subduction Signature Ingrid Chinn De Beers Group South Africa
Wednesday, September 20, 2017
THEME: 3. Geology and Gemmology of Diamond
Time Abstract Title Presenter Affiliation Country
8:30 4919
 Fluid-rich microinclusions in diamonds open windows to large mantle processes
Yaakov Weiss Lamont-Doherty Earth Observ. USA
9:00 4627  The Archean sedimentary sulfur recycling under the Kaapvaal craton revisited from 4S-isotopic compositions in
 sulfide inclusions in diamonds from Kimberley Pool (South Africa) Jwaneng and Orapa (Botswana)
Emilie Thomassot CRPG-CNRS Nancy France
9:20 4479  Provenance History of Detrital Diamond Deposits, West Coast of Namaqualand, South Africa. David Phillips University of Melbourne Australia
9:40 4508  Three phases of diamond growth spanning >2.0 Ga beneath Letlhakane established by Re-Os and Sm-Nd
 systematics of individual eclogitic sulphide, garnet and clinopyroxene inclusions
Michael Gress Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Netherlands
11:00 4502  Type IIb diamonds originate from the sublithospheric mantle Evan Smith Gemological Institute of America United States
11:20 4646  Old unradiogenic Os in deep mantle metallic liquid from large gem IIa diamonds Stephen Richardson University of Cape Town South Africa
11:40 4543  The origin of Type II diamonds: Insights from contrasting mineral inclusions in Cullinan Type I and Type II stones Nester Korolev University of British Columbia Canada
12:00 4531  Solid molecular nitrogen (N2) inclusions in Juina diamonds: exsolution at the base of the transition zone Oded Navon Hebrew University Israel
THEME: 4. The Origin and Evolution of Kimberlites and Related Magmas
12:20 4562  New constraints on the origin of carbonates in kimberlites integrating petrography, mineral chemistry and in situ
 stable isotope analysis
Montgarri Castillo Oliver Macquarie University Australia
12:40 4654  The carbon cycle in the continental lithosphere and the generation of alkaline mafic melts in cratonic and rift
Stephen F Foley Macquarie University Australia
Thursday, September 21, 2017
THEME: 4. The Origin and Evolution of Kimberlites and Related Magmas
Time Abstract Title Presenter Affiliation Country
8:50 4916  KEYNOTE:
 Olivine zoning and the evolution of kimberlite systems
Andrea Giuliani University of Melbourne Australia
9:20 4518  Insights into the petrogenesis of the West Kimberley lamproites from trace elements in olivine Lynton Jaques Australian National University Australia
9:40 4612  The P3 kimberlite, Wajrakarur Kimberlite Field, India: Mineralogy, and major and trace element compositions of
 olivines as records of their magmatic versus xenocrystic origin
Azhar Shaikh Indian Inst. of Technology Bombay India
10:00 4515  Melt evolution of the Finsch orangeite, South Africa Henrietta Farr University of Melbourne Australia
10:50 4542  Evolution of kimberlite magmatism on the dynamic Earth Sebastian Tappe University of Johannesburg South Africa
11:10 4462  50 myr kimberlite magmatism in the Fort à la Corne field, Sask craton, recorded by zircon megacrysts Qiao Shu University of Alberta Canada
11:30 4493  Punctuated, long-lived emplacement history of kimberlites from the Renard cluster, Superior Province, Canada
 indicated by new high precision U-Pb groundmass perovskite dating
Ilona Ranger University of Alberta Canada
11:50 4477  Cr-rich Megacrysts of Clinopyroxene and Garnet from Lac de Gras Kimberlites, Slave Craton, Canada – Implications
 for the Origin of Clinopyroxene and Garnet in Cratonic Peridotites
Yannick Bussweiler University of Alberta Canada
12:10 4630  Hidden reservoirs in the continental lithosphere?  Evidence from Hf-Sr-Nd-Pb isotopes in southern African
 kimberlite megacrysts
Philip Janney University of Cape Town South Africa
THEME: 5. Diamond Deposits - Exploration and Mining
14:00 4917  KEYNOTE:
 Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Exploration: An Example Using Self-Organising Maps for Garnet Data
Alan Kobussen Rio Tinto Australia
14:20 4511  Robust New Statistical Approaches to the Discrimination of Mantle- and Crust-derived Low-Cr Garnets using Major
 and Trace Element Data
Matthew Hardman University of Alberta Canada
14:40 4455  Evidence for a > 200 km thick diamond-bearing root beneath the Central Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories,
 Canada? Diamond indicator mineral geochemistry from the Horn Plateau and Trout Lake regions
Stephane Poitras University of Alberta Canada
15:00 4501  Tracing kimberlitic indicators to their kimberlite source at Chidliak, Nunavut, Canada, re-visited: the unexpected
 accuracy of a simplified Mahalanobis-distance approach
Herman Grutter Peregrine Diamonds Canada
15:20 4555  The magnitude of termites to the future of kimberlite exploration in Botswana Leon Daniels Geocontracts Botswana Botswana
15:40 4655  Kimberlite exploration under thick Kalahari cover using the new powerful SPECTREM-PLUS AEM system David Khoza Spectrem Air South Africa
Friday, September 22, 2017
THEME: 5. Diamond Deposits - Exploration and Mining
Time Abstract Title Presenter Affiliation Country
8:30 4684  Mapping heat flow from a time series of satellite temperature images as a regional exploration tool for kimberlites Neil Pendock Terracore South Africa
8:50 4603  Features of Diamond and its Indicator Minerals of Kimberlites of the M.V. Lomonosov Deposit, Arkhangelsk Region,
Anzhelika Bovkun Lomonosov Moscow State Univ. Russian Federation
9:10 4485  The suitability of micro-diamonds for local (blocked) resource estimation – opportunities and challenges Johann Stiefenhofer De Beers Group South Africa
9:30 4635  Estimation of commercial diamond grades based on microdiamonds: a case study of the Koidu diamond mine, Sierra
Thomas Nowicki Mineral Services Canada Canada
9:50 4554  The diamond size/frequency and size/quality distributions in the Argyle AK1 lamproites Andrew Davy Rio Tinto United Kingdom
10:40 4681  KEYNOTE:
 Mining For Diamonds – History and Present
Jarek Jakubec SRK Consulting Canada
11:00 4677  Generation of 3D Kimberlite Pipe Models for Resource Classification and Mine Planning: Data Sources, Procedures,
 and Guidelines
Michael Diering SRK Consulting Canada
11:20 4647  Karowe Diamond Mine: A World-class source of large exceptional diamonds John Armstrong Lucara Diamond Canada
11:40 4559  Slope stability challenges and solutions for mining Kimberlite resources hosted in structurally complex country
 rock: Dip slope mining at Jwaneng Mine, Botswana
Kabo Gabanakgosi Debswana Botswana
12:00 4686  Vertical Pit mining – An alternative to Open Pit Mining for Massive/Shallow Orebodies Peter Terbrugge SRK Consulting South Africa
THEME: 6. The Structure of Cratons
13:50 4447  The Life Cycle of Diamondiferous Cratons - A Leitmotif with Infinite Regional Variations Herwart Helmstaedt Queen's University Canada
14:10 4514  The genesis and evolution of subcontinental lithospheric mantle beneath Botswana and N. South Africa Gareth Davies  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Netherlands
14:30 4533  Contrasting Thermal Structure, Melt Depletion and Metasomatism of Mantle Lithosphere Beneath Two Proterozoic
 Terranes West of the Kaapvaal Craton, Southern Africa
Ellwin Shiimi University of Cape Town South Africa
14:50 4631  Deciphering the composition and structure of Wyoming craton mantle lithosphere: insights from peridotite
Benjamin Chilson-Parks Brown University United States
15:10 4449  KEYNOTE:
 Construction and destruction of some North American cratons
David Snyder Geological Survey of Canada Canada